Pros and Cons of Facebook Business Pages

For those who have a Facebook account keeping in touch with family and friends couldn’t be easier. Status updates allow your contacts to see your latest news. You can share videos or links to other sites. Not to mention the game applications available to play and share with friends. Facebook is also now available for many mobile devices, so you can keep in touch when out and about.Taking the above into consideration, it is no wonder that there is a social media market on Facebook. Anyone with a current profile can create a business Facebook page. This includes some small and new businesses who, wish to gain a social audience for their services and get their businesses recognized.Facebook business pages allow for the promoting of services, information about your company and can be finalized with the uploading of photos to customize your business Facebook page.Although business Facebook pages cost nothing to create, there is a small charge to cover any advertising costs. However, when compared to other social networks, Facebook has proven to be the most cost effective. Other charges do apply however. Especially, if you are, considering the advance learning options.These options cost a daily fee. But you do gain the support of Facebook staff in helping to utilize and get the most out of your business Facebook account. This support is conducted both online and via telephone conversations for a maximum of four weeks.As for social media marketing on Facebook, well you will gain a social audience, but this does not happen over night. The audience comes to you by liking and sharing your page with their own contacts. This can be a good turnaround in creating new clients, but contacts with other businesses can be limited. It also takes a little time.It is not completely impossible to gain business contacts through a business Facebook page, but, they have to come to you and like your page. You can however, invite any business contacts you already have to like you on Facebook thanks to the like plugin available. This plugin can be added to your independent business website, and business cards.A Facebook business page, whilst easily created and cost effective, can be promoted to a higher ranking within a newsfeed. This again may cost a small fee and is not always guaranteed to generate more clients.Hashtags can be placed on a post. They offer a number of keywords to potential clients, which when clicked, can take a client directly to a product or your own business website. Bear in mind though that a hashtag post needs to be done through Facebook’s hashtag page and not your Facebook business page.Whilst Facebook itself offers versatility in terms of social media marketing, it does not always offer the guarantee of achieving business goals when used on its own. However, when linked with other social networking sites, your business opportunities and audience grow more effectively. In return you achieve your set business goals.